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Body Beats by Dee-This class is a medium to high intensity cardio dance class that has fun, challenging choreography set to a variety of music and dance styles.  Format of the class is follow along with little to no rest between songs to get a great and sweaty cardio workout!  All levels welcome.  Comfortable workout attire and sneakers are recommended.

Booty Bounce-Bust out those knee pads and short shorts and get ready to shake what yo mama gave ya!  This class starts off with a warm up, goes into strength and conditioning followed by twerk technique and concludes with a choreographed routine and stretching.  Technique is a big focus in this class to make sure you are bouncing that booty right!  All levels welcome.  Shorts, loose pants, knee pads and sneakers are recommended.

Buti Yoga-coming soon

Burlesque-Explore your inner bombshell!  This class includes a warm up, across the floor combinations and a choreographed routine.  We’ll explore many aspects of burlesque including classic bumps and grinds, more modern neo cabaret and striptease.  Props will also be used from time to time like feather boas.  Comfortable burlesque inspired clothes are recommended-heels, fishnets or tights, skirts or shorts, layers, gloves.  All levels welcome

Chair Tease-coming soon

Tone and Tease-coming soon

Striptease/Lapdance-coming soon

Salsa/Latin Dance-coming soon

Hip Hop-coming soon

Video Vixen-street jazz-coming soon

Pole Fitness level 1 and 2-coming soon

Pole-ography-coming soon

Contact Kickboxing-coming soon

Squat Squad-Personal/Group Training-coming soon

Wedding Choreography-coming soon

Private dance lessons-coming soon

Custom Choreography-coming soon

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Body Beats by Dee

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